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Anthony C. Wright  (1953-2016)

Mr. Anthony Wright, “The Peanut Man”, dedicated his life to bringing smiles, laughter, joy, respect, inspiration, friendship, and great peanuts to his community. Tony the Peanut Man, was a local entrepreneur, who sold peanuts throughout his twenty plus years. You could enjoy fried peanuts, roasted peanuts, and boiled peanuts with his special recipe at the baseball games, the Holiday parades, high school and college football games, MOJA, Spoleto, Food Truck Day, the Caribbean Feast, the Riverdogs baseball games, and in the Market. Tony’s songs, his dances, his T-shirt slogans, and his charming personality drew you into his circle. Purchasing the peanuts just added to the fun.  If you like just shopping at the grocery store you could find his peanuts on the shelves at BI-LO and Harris Teeter and see his bright smile on the can. You would definitely find out that you’re in for a treat. 


P- Perfection 

E – Excellence 

A- Authentic

N – New 

U- Unity 

T- Trustworthy 


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