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Mr. William Lee, Sr.

CEO,  Peanut Tyme Peanut Company

Mr. William Lee Sr, is the CEO of the peanut company, "Peanut Tyme!" He is the brother of the late, Mr. Anthony Wright, "Tony the Peanut Man". Tony the Peanut Man was  the founder of the "Peanut Tyme" company.


Mr. Lee would work along with Tony at the baseball games, football games, Spoleto, Moja, parades and other community events. Mr. Lee would also assist with the preparation of the peanuts as well as use his culinary talents to help"Tony the Peanut Man" cook the peanuts!


Mr. Lee  continues Tony’s legacy by providing the community with the delicious boiled peanuts, singing his infectious song “ Peanut Tyme”, and staying active in  Charleston’s community events!

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