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Anthony C. Wright  (1953-2016)

Mr. Anthony Wright, “The Peanut Man”, dedicated his life to bringing smiles, laughter, joy, respect, inspiration, friendship, and great peanuts to his community. Tony the Peanut Man, was a local entrepreneur, who sold peanuts throughout his twenty plus years. You could enjoy fried peanuts, roasted peanuts, and boiled peanuts with his special recipe at the baseball games, the Holiday parades, high school and college football games, MOJA, Spoleto, Food Truck Day, the Caribbean Feast, the Riverdogs baseball games, and in the Market. Tony’s songs, his dances, his T-shirt slogans, and his charming personality drew you into his circle. Purchasing the peanuts just added to the fun.  If you like just shopping at the grocery store you could find his peanuts on the shelves at BI-LO and Harris Teeter and see his bright smile on the can. You would definitely find out that you’re in for a treat. 

Children of all ages often watched in awe and delight as the Peanut Man dressed as a life-size peanut ascending the stairs at the Riverdogs game and/or walking in the parades.  The children felt his love for his business and his caring spirit. “Respect your customers”, he would say but first you must respect yourself. I’ve been in this business for years. And the most important lesson you can learn is “respect yourself’ and “be respectful.” The children will remember the lessons shared with them. They will remember Tony’s example as his legacy is continued with love.

Visitors to the Low Country had the privilege of meeting the Peanut Man. Kathie Lee and Hoda, television personalities, showed the world the talents of a man who pedaled his peanuts when they visited the Low Country. Their laughter was contagious as they talked about his songs, his jingles, and his delicious peanuts. County politicians, Former Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Mayor John Tecklenburg, Mayor Keith Summey, Senator Marlon Kimpson and Representative Wendell Gilliard admired his tenacity in bringing the communities together. Local celebrities were also admirers of Tony the Peanut Man. Bill Sharpe and Carolyn Murry shared their love and admiration for Tony the Peanut Man at his homegoing service. People around the world have a memory and/or a photo that they placed on the website. Hey! Hey! What I say Heyyy?  I got some boiled, I got some roasted, I got some toasted, ahhhh Peanut Man ohhh yeaaa catch him if you can"!! His song brighten the hearts of many. Let's Honor Tony the Peanut Man by continuing his Legacy!

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